Born in Texas, R.W. Nelson received his Bachelor of Arts degree at Texas A&M and his Master of Arts degree in Communication Studies (with a cognate in Business Management) at Regent University and the Christian Broadcasting Network, Virginia Beach, VA. He is the creator and writer of his daughter's internet youth Bible memory course, A-Z Scripture Memory    ( and was the creator and host of the international radio program, 'Bible School of the Air.' As the former president of two Christian film companies, R.W. was active in production and distribution in the Christian film industry. An ordained minister, his first copyrighted publication was entitled, A Case for Salvation. He wrote numerous Layman Bible College courses including, Spiritual Warfare; Old Testamant Survey; New Testamant Survey; Romans, The Minor Prophets; among others. He holds two certified California teaching credentials and taught special education for almost two decades at the middle school level. R.W. is the recipient of two Digital Voice Awards for the video productions, 'An Emerson to Einstein Silent Movie' and 'Mummy Math'.